Surface Protective film for Touch Screen

protective film for touch screen householding

Features and Applications

Our lithium battery strapping tapes are widely used in battery manufacturing. The tapes are made of insulating materials such as PP, PET, or PI as the substrate, and coated with specialized acrylic adhesive for lithium battery electrolyte resistance, functioning as the termination fixture and puncture prevention. RoHS approved, and passed through the ICP heavy metal inspection. No silicone, No halogens.

The thicknesses of the adhesive are 0.016mm、0.020mm、0.03mm、0.035mm、0.04mm、0.05mm with various colors like dark green, grass green, blue and yellow. High performance of electrical insulation with proper adhesion and adhesiveness, and no residual after re-peeled.

The lithium battery expands while being charged and discharged, which affects the lithium battery, especially for the cylinder battery cycle life and safe performance. Using the strapping tapes can avoid breakages and extend the life of the positive and the negative poles.

Our tapes are coated by the domestic cutting-edge high-precision one-step coating machine and finished by a constant tension re-winder and high-speed cutting machine in the class 10000 clean-room. The adhesive presents proper adhesion and adhesiveness by its reliable formula and manufacturing technique with no residual after re-peeling.

Product properties:

  • Low impurities;
  • Low shrinkage at high temperature;
  • High Temperature resistance
  • Produce and supply various kinds of ultra-thin plastic tape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Donlee is professional in know-how. We have been immersed in the line for 3decades and grounded in the largest manufacturing nation-land, thoroughly understand well client’ various needs.

Donlee is massive in capability: we could move shipment fast in 3-30days from Donlee Premises. Thanks to the advantageous scale effect, cost competitiveness is realized meanwhile direct agreements with raw materials branded manufacturing suppliers are strategically reached.

Donlee is responsible for Quality: for quality or spec discrepancies happened, which proved to be only caused by our reason, we shall assume our responsibility for them by practical compensation, even though such cases happen few in history.

Our headquarter is located in Foshan China, and branch offices in Shenzhen, India, and Vietnam.

Our headquarters and major production base are located in Foshan China, 1.5hour driving from Hong Kong, affiliate companies exist in Shenzhen China, Suzhou China, Bac Ninh Vietnam, and UP Noida, India.

Please consult our sales staff with your specific film requirements. The protective film is a kind of technical product, its successful performance is subjected to substrate surfaces, applicable methods, processing steps, circumstances,etc. Knowing these details would help us greatly to recommend proper items. Nevertheless, the most reliable way is analyzing and testing samples of the substrate to be protected in Donlee lab, we’d match our product with great assurance for the client’s satisfactory use.  

Upon specific requirements and rather potential, it is our pleasure to provide free samples weighted within 1kg and use FedEx, DHL, or UPS to deliver them. The sample requested beyond 1kg is expected to be afforded by the consignee or negotiable.

MOQ is flexible. Usually, we propose 20000sqm and up, but for some special cases, we require a lower or higher amount. 

Regular items delivery from warehouse:  2-3days

Converting product: 3-7days

Customized product: 7-30days

This is the most basic yet important procedure before we put the products on the market. As an ISO9001 certified company, quality is our life.

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