Office Building Dedication and 2024 Annual Dinner

On January 18th, the dedication ceremony for the headquarters building of Guangdong Donlee New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Donlee’) was held in Xingtan Town (Shunde High-Tech Zone). The use of the headquarters building marks the beginning of a new chapter in Donlee’s development in Xingtan and reaffirms the firm commitment of Donlee to sustained growth in Xingtan. Donlee will leverage its strengths to enhance the efficiency of the new materials industry’s development, injecting fresh vitality into the future development of the company.

“The completion of the headquarters has significantly elevated the productivity and influence of Donlee New Materials, playing a crucial role in influencing and driving the development of the new materials industry in Xingtan.” Liang Zunlun, the Chairman of Guangdong Dongli New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., stated, “Choosing to establish our headquarters in Xingtan, within the high-tech zone, is not only because it is a modern industrial hub but also because of the transportation hub advantages in the high-tech zone. Additionally, the park boasts well-developed infrastructure, comprehensive talent support services, and efficient enterprise services in various areas. We believe that the company will undoubtedly have expansive development prospects in Xingtan and within the high-tech zone.'”


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