Back to Work

May the Year of the Loong Year bring every success to you and your loved ones!!

Spring is coming with the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. The Donlee families are coming back to the company with joy and happiness.

February 17, is the eighth day of the first lunar month. We held a simple ceremony for the resumption of work, greeted each other, and set off the firecrackers which represent the fortune and good luck. At the end of the ceremony, the Donlee families received red pockets with the blessing of the company leaders.

After two weeks of rest and recharging during the holiday, the Donlee families are energized and motivated to take on new challenges in the coming year.

The Loong ( Chinese own dignified mythical image as an auspicious sign) represents magnificence Wisdom, Honor, Energy, and Strength and is the most beloved symbol of the Chinese people. In the Year of the Loong, Donlee will continue to impress every customer with its high-quality products and services.

May the Year of the Loong Year 2024 bring every success to you and your loved ones.

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